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Chinese Academy of Sciences launches CASEarth, an „Earth Big Data Science Project“

The project aims to build a global influential, international, and open international big earth data science center, and is committed to promoting and realizing earth's big data technology innovation, major scientific discovery, and „one-stop full-scale macro decision support“. Project leader is GUO Huadong, academician of CAS. The five-year pilot project has set up several platforms, e. g., for science and engineering, satellite imaging, big data cloud services, a digital belt and road map, panoramic China, and biodiversity and ecology. There are nine projects related to security. According to GUO, U.S. big data accounted for about 31%, EU for 19%, and China for 13% of global data in 2013. After more than four years of development, China’s share has increased to 16%, and in 2020 China will account for 21%.

Source: CAS news release, March 21, 2018

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