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China has a florishing bioindustry. Among the pharmaceutical firms, subsidiaries of global enterprises such as Pfizer, Roche, GSK and others still dominate but Chinese firms such as, e. g., Zhejiang Hisun Pharma or North China Pharmaceutical Huasheng are developing rapidly. In classical biotech products such as amino acids, citric acid, vitamin C, penicillins etc., Chinese companies such Cofco, Tianguan Group, Hunan Youtell, Global Biochem and many others have already reached a global lead position. In addition, there are many SMEs and startups in almost all areas of biotechnology, many of them located in the 88 high-tech zones with 60.000 companies, according to official statistics. Core S&T developments, however, still take place in the institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, within the top 220 universities or in State Key Centers were researchers from both organizations cooperate for a limited period of time.
Window-to-China offers ready access to relevant R&D and business activities. Our news reports and database covers the following areas:

China and industrial biotechnology
China and biotech startups
China and bioscience/China and bioresearch/China and biotechnology
China and biopolymers
China and enzymes
China and green biotech/China und weiße Biotechnologie
China and ecology
China and environmental biotechnology
China and stem cell
China and tissue engineering
China and food biotechnology
China and metabolic engineering/cell engineering/synthetic biology
China and protein engineering
China and bioinformatics
China and –omics/genomics/proteomics/metabolomics/transcriptomics
China and marine biotechnology

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